Basic Free Video Library Overview

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    Welcome to the Free Basic Medical Therapeutic Yoga Video Library PLUS Bonus Book Downloads!

    • How to Get the Most from this Library (and a message from Dr. G!)

    • How to navigate this learning platform

    • Before we begin...

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    BONUS: Download Me for Free! Preface & Chapter 1

    • Medical Therapeutic Yoga: Preface (How Yoga Saved My Life)

    • Medical Therapeutic Yoga: Chapter 1

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    Blanket Folding

    • The Yoga Couch [Three Tier Approach]

    • The Mini Yoga Couch [Two Tier Approach]

    • Accordion Fold

    • Ganesha Fold

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    • Abdomino-Diaphragmatic (AD) Breath [Deep Belly Breathing]

    • Three-Part Breath [Dirga Pranayama]

    • Four-Part Breath [Dirga Pranayama]

    • Sandbag Breath

    • Victorious Breath [Ujyaii Pranayama]

    • Alternate Nostril Breathing [Nadi Shodhana]

    • Bee Breathing [Bhramari Pranayama]

    • TATD Breath (Power Breath)

    • The NAP Meditation

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    Special Tests & Screening

    • Femoral Version Screen

    • Scapular Assistance Test [SAT]

    • Scapular Repositioning Test [SRT]

    • Modified Gillet Test

    • Capsule Test

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    • Arm Spiral

    • Windshield Wipers

    • Hook Lying Knee Lifts

    • Windshield Wipers with TATD [Lateral Articulation]

    • Bridge [Setu Bandha] to Two Foot Postures [Dvivada Pitham]

    • Modified Sun Salutation

    • Bent Knee Fallouts (Lateral Knee Drops)

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    Next steps

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Meet Dr. Garner

Executive Director, Living Well Institute

Dr. Ginger Garner

Hi! I'm Ginger, a doctor of physical therapy (PT, DPT), licensed athletic trainer (ATC, LAT), professional yoga therapist (PYT) & also Pilates trained. I am also board certified (DipACLM) in Lifestyle Medicine. I've spent 25 years creating best evidence coursework and providing integrative, holistic, person-centered patient and wellness care. I am a mother of three with a huge passion for improving women's health care and access to PT for everyone.