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    1. How to Get the Most from this Library (and a message from Dr. G!)

    2. Free Downloadable Ebook (PDF) Visual Breath Practice Guide

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    4. Before we begin...

    1. Medical Therapeutic Yoga: Preface (How Yoga Saved My Life)

    2. Medical Therapeutic Yoga: Chapter 1

    1. The Yoga Couch [Three Tier Approach] for Restorative Postures

    2. The Mini Yoga Couch [Two Tier Approach] for Restorative Postures

    3. Accordion Fold for Restorative Postures

    4. Ganesha Fold for Restorative Postures

    1. Abdomino-Diaphragmatic (AD) Breath [Deep Belly Breathing] - Master Me FIRST!

    2. Three-Part Breath [Dirga Pranayama]

    3. Four-Part Breath [Dirga Pranayama]

    4. Sandbag Breath

    5. Victorious Breath [Ujyaii Pranayama]

    6. Alternate Nostril Breathing [Nadi Shodhana]

    7. Bee Breathing [Bhramari Pranayama] - for Vocal and Pelvic Power

    8. TATD Breath (Power Breath)

    9. The NAP Meditation

    1. Femoral Version Screen

    2. Scapular Assistance Test [SAT]

    3. Scapular Repositioning Test [SRT]

    4. Modified Gillet Test

    5. Capsule Test

    1. Arm Spiral

    2. Windshield Wipers

    3. Hook Lying Knee Lifts

    4. Windshield Wipers with TATD [Lateral Articulation]

    5. Bridge [Setu Bandha] to Two Foot Postures [Dvivada Pitham]

    6. Modified Sun Salutation

    7. Bent Knee Fallouts (Lateral Knee Drops)

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Meet Dr. Garner

Executive Director, Living Well Institute Dr. Ginger Garner

Ginger is the CEO & founder of Living Well Institute, an interdisciplinary educational organization dedicated to teaching trauma-informed Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine. She has spent 25 years using yoga-based physical therapy to tackle chronic pain and orthopedic conditions in practice. Her private practice, EudeMOMia® Integrative PT & Lifestyle Medicine in Greensboro, NC, offers in-person and telehealth women's health services. Ginger is a doctor of PT (MPT, DPT), athletic trainer (ATC/L), board certified in Lifestyle Medicine (DipACLM), and creator of the Professional Yoga Therapist and Integrative Lifestyle Medicine certifications. Dr. Garner is the author of Medical Therapeutic Yoga, slated for translation in 4 foreign languages and currently published in Italian and English. Ginger is committed to making healthcare accessible, affordable, and equitable through teaching safe yoga & lifestyle medicine practices, especially for women's health. She is an international speaker and educator, having presented at more than 20 conferences worldwide. Ginger spends her spare time performing around the world (well, pre-COVID anyhow) as a vocalist, reading, and being an avid beginner violinist. She lives with her husband, 3 sons, and their rescue Lab, Scout, in Greensboro, NC, USA.