Course Description & Objectives Overview

Level I certification fully prepares you, the licensed PT, OT, or Athletic Trainer, to implement Medical Therapeutic Yoga & Integrative Lifestyle Medicine, into your clinical specialty. You will learn:

  • Trauma-informed principles of yoga and best-evidence care using Medical Therapeutic Yoga, plus 
  • a complete system of Lifestyle Medicine care that is urgently needed in our COVID-19 pandemic world right now. 
  • How to determine root cause(s) of a condition in the context of Lifestyle Medicine using Biopsychosocial and Functional Movement Assessment(s).
  • How to manage and/or lower your risk of burnout and compassion fatigue. 
  • How to lower your overhead and fiscal strain, and shift toward telehealth care.
  • How to use pain science to get quicker and long-lasting results with patients and clients. 
  • How to expand your services to offer telehealth, group, and more extensive in-person wellness services. 
  • How to impact multi-morbidity through sleep, nutrition, mindful movement, environmental, and stress management intervention.
  • Strategies that support optimal patient outcomes including mindfulness, health promotion and sustained adherence through affecting behavioral change  

The course features interactive, online learning to complete case studies as well as critically analyzing physical yoga movement and respiratory therapies. 

All of the techniques you learn in this level can also be applied to telehealth and e-visits with patients and clients.

This course is now offered entirely online due to COVID-19; 20 hours are on-demand (instantly available on sign-up). The final 7 hours are completed by attending a 7 hour LIVE VIRTUAL session with Dr. Garner. 

When you sign up your class material is immediately available. You can complete it at your own pace. To complete the course, sign up for 1 of the LIVE INTERACTIVE SESSIONS. 

Please indicate which date you prefer when you register for this course. There is a form at the beginning of this class that you can use to sign up for your desired session. 


  • March 6, 2021
  • June 18, 2021 
  • September 26, 2021
  • November 5, 2021

What You Will Need to Participate:

  • A dedicated computer that can run Zoom
  • Hardwire internet (better than a wifi connection, which can be unstable, although using wifi is fine)
  • Your yoga equipment - you will get an email with a list of equipment you will need
  • Take online Modules 1.1-1.3 and 2.1-2.2 (5 CE) to get the most from this course. You can sign up here.
  • Optional - a patient model that you can "teach" during the on-demand lab sessions (not the live interactive session) in order to practice your skills, although this isn't required. You can certainly practice the poses yourself.


You will receive pre-recorded class materials upon sign up. You will join Ginger for a live session that you sign up for during registration. 


A total of 27 CE is awarded. We are an approved PT provider in many states. We are pending approval for OT and ATC

Clinical Objectives

  1. Apply the 10 MTY Precepts to your clinical practice in order to increase clinical efficacy and safety of yoga prescription as lifestyle medicine. 
  2. List the implications for use of MTY to impact health promotion and wellness practice. 
  3. Identify quantitative and qualitative outcome measures to use in MTY.
  4. Practice & demonstrate understanding of the FMA algorithm in the context of Lifestyle Medicine evaluation, diagnosis, and prescription. 
  5. Demonstrate multidisciplinary knowledge of indications and contraindications for using the FMA for prescriptive movement and/or manual therapy. 
  6. Critically analyze physical yoga movement and respiratory therapies and their modifications in a lab setting. 
  7. Complete case studies via real time assessment with peers using live model(s) to address complex medical histories and pain. 
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of guidelines to practice, teaching, manual cuing, and instruction in yoga postures, breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditation practice.
  9. Integrate the biopsychosocial, lifestyle medicine driven Vector Analysis into practice in a lab setting. 
  10. Describe the code of ethics for becoming a Lifestyle Medicine practitioner & certified Professional Yoga Therapist. 
  11. Discuss research and legal implications for licensed versus unlicensed use of yoga in the United States.
  12. Practice MTY to address multi-joint and systemic stabilization in a lab setting. 
  13. Practice safe polyvagal intervention in a lab setting.
  14. Critically analyze how myofascial and neurovascular impairment can be addressed through MTY. 
  15. Demonstrate competence with use of yoga props and blanket folding. 
  16. List the tenets of including meditation and postural practice sequences in clinical practice. 
  17. Discuss business matrix analysis for health promotion, and both cash-based and insurance-based practice. 
  18. Understand coding and billing practices for licensed providers. 
  19. Pass a quiz to demonstrate competency with Level I principles.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

  • 2

    Welcome to Level I MTY Certification!

    • Welcome

    • Blanket Folding

    • Syllabus

    • Social Media & Syllabus Review

  • 3

    Day 1 - 6 hours

    • Mindfulness and Meditation Posture Options

    • What is Mindfulness?

    • Mindfulness & Meditation Practice & Types

    • Trauma Informed Yoga

    • Orofacial Assessment Checklist - PRINTABLE

    • Orofacial Exam

    • Yogic Locks

    • FMA Introduction

    • FMA Column 1 Part 1

    • FMA Column 1 Part 2

    • FMA Column 2

    • FMA Column 3 Part 1

    • FMA Column 3 Part 2

    • FMA Column 1 Review

    • FMA Column 2 Review

    • FMA Column 3 Review

  • 4

    Day 2 - 6 .5 hours

    • Restoratives

    • FMA Column 4

    • FMA Column 5

    • FMA Column 6

    • FMA Review

    • Yoga Nidra

  • 5

    Day 3 - 7.5 hours

    • Morning Meditation

    • Special Postures Introduction

    • Special Postures Mudras

    • Special Postures Posture Scaffolding

    • Special Postures Tree

    • Special Postures Eagle

    • Special Postures Squat

    • Special Postures Lunge Transition

    • Special Postures Thread the Needle

    • Special Postures Gate

    • Special Postures Warrior I

    • Special Postures Triangle

    • FMA Class

    • BPS Review Part 1

    • BPS Review Part 2

    • BPS Review Part 3

    • Technology Tea - Business Considerations

    • Technology Tea - Matriculation

    • Technology Tea - Business Plan

    • Technology Tea - CCC

    • Technology Tea - Resources

    • SWOT Timeline Printable

    • Technology Tea - SWOT

    • Technology Tea - Social Media

    • Technology Tea - Next Steps

    • Technology Tea - Connect and Closure

    • Walking Meditation

    • Meditation to Reclaim You

  • 6

    Next Steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Submit Your Case Studies Here

  • 7

    Level I Quiz

    • Level I Quiz

  • 8


    • Live Interactive Zoom Session for Level I - Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine I

    • Live Interactive Attendance Gate

  • 9

    Course Evaluation

    • Course Evaluation

Meet Your Instructor

Executive Director, Living Well Institute

Dr. Ginger Garner

Hi! I'm Ginger, a doctor of physical therapy (PT, DPT), licensed athletic trainer (ATC, LAT), professional yoga therapist (PYT) & also Pilates trained. I am also board certified (DipACLM) in Lifestyle Medicine. I've spent 25 years creating best evidence coursework and providing integrative, holistic, person-centered patient and wellness care. I am a mother of three with a huge passion for improving women's health care and access to PT for everyone.

What People Are Saying

Life changing course

Dr. Kassandra Schuhmann, PT, DPT

The impact Ginger's program has made on my life is staggering. It has changed my perspective as a clinician completely and has allowed me to look forward to treating even the most complex patients.

Empowering for me and my patients

Dr. Sarah Talley, PT, DPT, WCS

Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) has transformed my clinical practice and my own self care. MTY provides a framework for treating patients holistically while empowering them to care for themselves.

Feel better than I've felt in years, AND that's during the pandemic!

Dr. Michelle Walendowski PT, DPT

I’ve been practicing everything from your weekend Level I Certification on a (mostly) daily basis, and I have to say I feel healthier and just generally better than I have in years. And that’s during a worldwide pandemic!

I'm a better therapist AND mom thanks to Ginger.

Dr. Becca Ellis PT, DPT

Ginger's knowledge and experience have completely shaped my professional career, and her guidance has truly helped me be a better mom to my sweet boys.

Everyone should work with Ginger as a professional and as a patient

Katie Estridge, PT, MPT

I would recommend that everyone work with Ginger Garner. She is without a doubt the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. She understands the human body like no one I have ever met.

A sustainable model for healthcare delivery

Kanchan Thakar, PT

Honestly speaking, words cannot do justice to the experience of learning from Ginger. My hope is that all DPT students will avail of her teachings sooner than later and begin to practice PT with enthusiasm and compassion. Thanks to Ginger for creating a sustainable model of healthcare delivery.

Grounded, hopeful, pain free, rested, & resilient after Dr. Garner's classes

Dr. Dina Macs, PT, DPT

You are a trusted gem in a sea of on-line unknowns, Dr. Garner, and a gift to us all. Thank you for keeping us safe, evidence-grounded, & soulfully uplifted. I have not personally experienced a more nimble biopsychosocial rehabilitation guide.

Ginger's program has restored my love of being a PT

Dr. Katie Goroncy, PT, DPT

Ginger's program has restored my love and perspective that physical therapy is a healing ART. I had been feeling uninspired, deflated by the obstacles in the healthcare/insurance system, and was losing sight of what drew me to the healthcare field in the first place. Her program gave me a solid evidence based framework from which to integrate "whole person", yogic, lifestyle medicine into my physical therapy foundation. It has since sparked joy, creativity, and a broader perspective into my clinical practice.

I highly recommend Ginger

Dr. Maureen Mason-Cover, PT, DPT

Ginger is a wise and compassionate health care provider who blends medical yoga with rehabilitation programming, and she has an extensive background of patient care service. Her style is forward thinking towards patient education, empowerment, and optimization of function, and she works with other health care team members to provide a healing community of care. I highly recommend her.

Patients who struggle with finding relief from traditional PT will find a solution in Ginger's method

Dr. Sylvie Le, PT, DPT

The benefits of Medical Therapeutic Yoga have stretched beyond both the clinical setting and mat for my patients. Patients who may have struggled finding relief with traditional PT, battle the psychological and emotional stress of anxiety, depression, and impatience in dealing with injury and functional limitations, or find it challenging to remain motivated to move and take care of their bodies, have found a safe and healthy avenue through Ginger's method.

More Information

  • Total Cost of Program

    The total cost for both programs is $4843. The breakdown is as follows: Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Certificate – This online program is a prerequisite for taking the MTY Certification. – $568 (US) or $799 (CA) Level I Certification – $1175 Level II Certification – $1225 Level III Certification – $1875

  • Time to Complete the Program

    121 total hours (CE) are required to receive the Professional Yoga Therapist Certification and Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Certificate. The only in-person study required is at Level III, which is a 5 day retreat (38 CE hours) held in the gorgeous NC Blue Ridge Mountains during peak leaf change each autumn.

  • Prerequisites

    A valid medical license (PT, OT, etc) in your state. No experience in yoga or Lifestyle Medicine is necessary. For the BEST learning experience, please complete the online Integrative Lifestyle Medicine prerequisites in this order: Level I - Modules 1.1-1.2, 2.1-2.3; Level II - Modules 1-3; Level III - Modules 1-4 & 2 electives.

  • CE Credit

    PT - This course is approved in California, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. OT - We are an AOTA-approved provider. We are an AOTA-approved provider. Individual courses are pending approval from AOTA.

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