Course Description & Objectives Overview


Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine II is the second of three trainings which allow the student to assimilate and apply all objectives learned from the online prerequisite training. This module expands on concepts learned in pre-requisite training, including the inter-relationship between orthopedic and gastrointestinal health and the risk factors which impact clinical practice and outcomes. Lifestyle Medicine foundations are expanded upon to include developing a working understanding of the gut-brain-body axis, sleep science, environmental health, stress management, and mindful movement and breathwork. 

Clinical Objectives

  • Identify biopsychosocial factors that impact behavioral change and systemic health in, and health promotion for, population health. 
  • Describe the intersectionality of orthopedic health and gastrointestinal function and how to impact them through Lifestyle Medicine, Functional and Integrative Medicine). 
  • Practice sequences for gastrointestinal functional dysfunction in order to understand the orthopedic connection through hands on lab work. 
  • Practice sequences for orthopedic disorders and preventive health through hands on experiential lab work. 
  • Describe the role of neuroendocrinology in Lifestyle Medicine interventions. 
  • List Functional Medicine labs, tests, and measures that can be used to objectively track patient progress. 
  • Add new postures, breathing techniques, and their modifications, recalibrated according to the evidence base. 
  • Discuss indications and contraindications of the postures and techniques. 
  • Discuss how biopsychosocial intervention must adapt to different learning styles in order to impact behavioral change. 
  • Practice differential diagnosis as it relates to Lifestyle Medicine practice. 
  • Experience how positional changes of internal anatomy affect posture prescription. 
  • Demonstrate proficiency at teaching sequences, including mindfulness and meditation, in your clinical area of expertise using appropriate language and dialogue. 
  • Demonstrate proficiency with MTY-based Spinal Kinematics Evaluation and Intervention Model. 
  • Use MTY-based yoga postures for high risk and complex orthopedic and gastrointestinal-complicated patient populations. 
  • Practice MTY-based Lower Quarter Evaluation and Shoe Assessment. 
  • Prescribe MTY sequences for individual and group-based therapy health promotion and pathophysiological-based therapies in a lab setting. 
  • Design both preventive and pathophysiological-based Lifestyle Medicine programs in a multi-disciplinary team format via live patient models.


  • Expansion on 10 Precepts of Medical Therapeutic Yoga

  • Expansion on Trauma Informed Yoga

  • Expansion on Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine to affect Pain 

  • Clinical Case Studies on Foundations of Behavioral Change

  • Clinical Case Studies on Foundations of Biopsychosocial Care

  • Advanced Application of Functional Movement Assessment (FMA)

  • Spinal Kinematics Assessment Breathwork & Posture Prescription 

  • Systems-Based Evaluation for Orthopedic & Gastrointestinal Intervention to affect whole health 

  • Visceral Mobilization & Myofascial Release 

  • Postural & Breath Integration

  • Mindful Movement 

  • Chair Yoga & Postural Sequencing 

  • Business of Lifestyle Medicine & Yoga

  • Coding & Billing 

  • Yoga Props Education

  • Oral Practical Case Studies & Essay Assignments 


You can complete this course entirely online. Class material is available on-demand and also features a LIVE INTERACTIVE SESSION component. 

21 hours - online, lifetime access
7 hour - live, interactive Zoom session with Ginger. 

When you sign up you will choose which Live Interactive Session you want to attend. 

You also get lifetime access for the life of the course. Our courses are generally updated every 3-5 years to remain current and best evidence-informed. You can return to this course at any time during that period. If any material is updated or added, you will have access to the new content during the life of the course.

2020-21 Live Interactive Session Dates

  • August 21, 2021
  • November 19, 2021

What You Will Need to Participate:

  • A dedicated computer that can run Zoom
  • Hardwire internet (better than a wifi connection, which can be unstable, although using wifi is fine)
  • Your yoga equipment - you will get an email with a list of equipment you will need
  • Optional - a patient model that you can "teach" during the on-demand lab sessions (not the live interactive session) in order to practice your skills, although this isn't required. You can certainly practice the poses yourself.


  • Take the Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Certificate, Modules 1-3. The remaining Module 4 and Electives will be taken prior to completion of the Level III Certification.
  • No other experience in yoga (the main integrative medicine of the program) or lifestyle medicine is needed. 


A total of 28 CE is awarded  for PT/PTA's in most states and all OT/COTA's (AOTA). See details at bottom of page.

What People Are Saying

MTY has transformed my practice as a clinician, but also my lifestyle and way of being.

Dr. Meghan Nelson, PT, DPT

My MTY Certification has not only transformed my practice as a clinician, but also my lifestyle and way of being. This has given me the tools, knowledge and experience to provide more intentional, quality healthcare, education, and yoga therapy to help meet the unique needs of each individual I serve.

Patients who struggle with finding relief from traditional PT will find a solution in Ginger's method

Dr. Sylvie Le, PT, DPT

The benefits of Medical Therapeutic Yoga have stretched beyond both the clinical setting and mat for my patients. Patients who may have struggled finding relief with traditional PT, battle the psychological and emotional stress of anxiety, depression, and impatience in dealing with injury and functional limitations, or find it challenging to remain motivated to move and take care of their bodies, have found a safe and healthy avenue through Ginger's method.

I'm a better therapist AND mom thanks to Ginger.

Dr. Becca Ellis PT, DPT

Ginger's knowledge and experience have completely shaped my professional career, and her guidance has truly helped me be a better mom to my sweet boys.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Program Registration/Terms and Conditions

    • Start Here

    • A Note from Jeff

    • How to navigate your course material

    • Required Forms to Complete

    • Release of Liability

    • Course Handouts - Download Option

    • Live Interactive Scheduling

  • 2

    Welcome to Level II MTY Certification!

    • Table of Contents & Course Matriculation

    • Syllabus

  • 3

    Day 1

    • Introduction & Welcome

    • Gracious Space Worksheet

    • Gastrointestinal System Overview & Introduction

    • Mind-Body Synergy

    • MTY for the Gastrointestinal System

    • GI Lab 1 Overview

    • GI Lab 2 Overview

    • GI Lab 3 Overview

    • GI Lab 1 - Healthy Digestion & Heartburn

    • GI Lab 1 - Indigestion

    • GI Lab 1 - Gas & Constipation

    • GI Lab 2 - Chronic Constipation, Varicosities, Colitis, IBS

    • GI Lab 2 - Ulcers

    • GI Lab 2 - Hernias

    • GI Lab 3 - Diarrhea

    • GI Lab 3 - Nausea

    • GI Labs Case Study Assignment Instructions

    • Resilience Meditation

    • Potty Meditation

    • GI Resources

  • 4

    Day 2

    • Functional Medicine Labs

    • Functional Medicine Lab Resources

    • Restoratives & Breathing Lab

    • Therapeutic Landscape - Communication Lab

    • Chair Yoga - OA & UE Joint Preservation

    • MTY Shoulder & Hip Preservation Introduction

    • Shoulder & Hip - Interoception Proprioception Neuroception 1

    • Shoulder & Hip - Interoception Proprioception Neuroception 2

    • Shoulder & Hip - Interoception Proprioception Neuroception 3

    • Shoulder & Hip - NM Patterning 1

    • Shoulder & Hip - NM Patterning 2

    • Inversions Lab

    • Musculoskeletal Restorative & Marma Massage Lab

  • 5

    Day 3

    • Special Postures Introduction

    • Special Postures - Warm Up Sequence

    • Special Postures - Standing Sequence

    • Special Postures - Seated & Prone Sequence

    • Special Postures - Finishing Sequence

    • Kinematics Lab 1 - Spinal Kinematics Introduction

    • Kinematics Lab 1 - Seated Spinal Twists

    • Kinematics Lab 1 - Cervical Spine

    • Kinematics Lab 1 - Thoracic Spine

    • Kinematics Lab 1 - Lumbar Spine

    • Kinematics Lab 1 - Global Kinematic Assessment

    • Kinematics Lab 2 - Lower Quarter Preservation

    • Close-Up Shoe Assessment

    • Close-Up Lower Quadrant Assessment

    • MTY Case Studies

    • Technology Tea - Level II

    • Selected References (see GI section for additional references to source for case study completion)

  • 6



    • Level II - Live Interactive Zoom Session Saturday 21 August 2021 - 0900 EDT

  • 7

    Closing Message & Assignments

    • Closing Message

    • Case Studies Submission

    • Level II Essay Submission

    • MTY 100 Hour Journal Log Submission


    • Live Interactive Attendance Gate

  • 8

    Course Evaluation

    • Course Evaluation

Meet Your Instructor

Executive Director, Living Well Institute

Dr. Ginger Garner

Ginger is the CEO & founder of Living Well Institute, an interdisciplinary educational organization dedicated to teaching trauma-informed Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine. She has spent 25 years using yoga-based physical therapy to tackle chronic pain and orthopedic conditions in practice. Her private practice, EudeMOMia® Integrative PT & Lifestyle Medicine in Greensboro, NC, offers in-person and telehealth women's health services. Ginger is a doctor of PT (MPT, DPT), athletic trainer (ATC/L), board certified in Lifestyle Medicine (DipACLM), and creator of the Professional Yoga Therapist and Integrative Lifestyle Medicine certifications. Dr. Garner is the author of Medical Therapeutic Yoga, slated for translation in 4 foreign languages and currently published in Italian and English. Ginger is committed to making healthcare accessible, affordable, and equitable through teaching safe yoga & lifestyle medicine practices, especially for women's health. She is an international speaker and educator, having presented at more than 20 conferences worldwide. Ginger spends her spare time performing around the world (well, pre-COVID anyhow) as a vocalist, reading, and being an avid beginner violinist. She lives with her husband, 3 sons, and their rescue Lab, Scout, in Greensboro, NC, USA.

More Information

  • Total Cost of Program

    The total cost for both programs is $4843. The breakdown is as follows: Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Certificate – This online program is a prerequisite for taking the MTY Certification. – $568 (US) or $799 (CA) Level I Certification – $1175 Level II Certification – $1225 Level III Certification – $1875

  • Time to Complete the Program

    121 total hours (CE) are required to receive the Professional Yoga Therapist Certification and Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Certificate. The only in-person study required is at Level III, which is a 5 day retreat (38 CE hours) held in the gorgeous NC Blue Ridge Mountains during peak leaf change each autumn.

  • Prerequisites

    A valid medical license (PT, OT, etc) in your state. No experience in yoga or Lifestyle Medicine is necessary. For the BEST learning experience, please complete the online Integrative Lifestyle Medicine prerequisites in this order: Level I - Modules 1.1-1.2, 2.1-2.3; Level II - Modules 1-3; Level III - Modules 1-4 & 2 electives.

  • CE Credit

    PT - This course is approved for PT in California, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. OT - We are an AOTA-approved provider.

AOTA Approved Provider

Living Well Institute is an approved AOTA CE provider. The Medical Therapeutic Yoga Certification is approved as an individual course. AOTA does not endorse specific course content, products, or clinical procedures.
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