Course Overview & Preview

This 9 session series will teach you to master the breath, starting with the scientifically supported basics all the way up to advanced breath techniques that public speakers, teachers, and singers need to use to protect their vocal cords, and that work very well for anyone with back or pelvic pain. All levels are welcome, there are no pre-requisites to practice! 

How it Works

  • Each week will be broken down into 3 mini practices of 20 minutes each.
  • That means you get 9 Breathing Practices in all - over 3 hours and several months of practice.
  • This structure provides you a lifetime of quick and easy breath practices that can impact not only pelvic pain but also asthma, congestion, long COVID, COPD, muscle tension in the vocal cords, chronic constipation, painful intercourse, tight pelvic floor, poor digestion, and mental health.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to better manage your pelvic pain (and really all pain)
  • How to improve mental health through breathwork and mindfulness practices 
  • How to improve your overall health and energy through breathwork

Session Overview

Session 1 – Will include 3 - 20 minute mini-practices. You will learn fundamental techniques required to progress to advanced breath work, and also restorative yoga postures that help target pain and stiffness in the pelvic and hip region.

Session 2 –Will include 3 - 20 minute mini-practices. You will learn how to use postures and breath in a practical way to help improve lung power, stress management, stiffness and tightness from the neck and vocal cords to the pelvic floor, and impact pain. This is the gateway between having mastered the basics and learning advanced strategies.

Session 3 – Will include 3 - 20 minute mini-practices. Put it all together! We will progress to advanced breathing and vocalization techniques in this session. 

Time: 9 Mini-Practices of 20 minutes each.  


Classes are self-paced and available instantly after purchase.


You will also get LIFETIME ACCESS with the purchase of this course which: 

  • Saves you time and money. No yoga studio or gym membership fees and no lost time commuting.

  • Accountability - you will get a regular email reminding you to check in and work on your practice!

  • Maximizes your privacy in practice. Dr. Garner takes you through practices you may not feel comfortable doing in front of a studio "audience" or large class of people.

  • Gets to the heart of what yoga was meant to be - a solitary practice that transforms you from the inside out, rather than the outside in. Yoga was never meant to be a "studio class" pursuit, with fancy equipment, expensive clothing, and/or pressure to perform.

  • Allows you the privacy and convenience to practice in your home. No expensive yoga clothes or toys required. Dr. Garner shows you how to do yoga, manage stress, AND get fit through integrative & lifestyle medicine like a minimalist champion.

  • We don't waste time in our classes. As a self-employed mother of 3, Ginger knows what it takes to get and stay fit, healthy, and well in an efficient, time-saving way.

  • Learn how to spot red flags for injury and practice yoga and fitness in a safer and more effective way.

Very Important Point (VIP!)

This series is meant to grow with! Stay and repeat each session until you feel comfortable and strong enough to progress to the next lesson.

Equipment needed - yoga mat, 2 Mexican blankets or substitute, 1 yoga belt or a long scarf, 2 yoga blocks or a suitable substitute, your voice and your mindful soul!

About Me

Dr. Ginger Garner, PT, DPT, ATC/L, is a longtime doctor of physical therapy, athletic trainer, and is board certified in Lifestyle Medicine plus an expert in medical, therapeutic yoga and Pilates.

But I bet you didn’t know I am a mom of three who has overcome a great deal of birth injury, disability, and trauma. For that reason all of my classes are trauma sensitive, COVID informed, and appropriate for those who are currently undergoing pelvic PT. All are welcome! 

Disclaimer: This and any other videos by Dr. Ginger Garner do not constitute a patient-provider relationship nor are they a substitute for medical care or physical therapy. By participating in these videos user assumes all risk. Before staring this or any other exercise regimen you should seek the advice and/or clearance of your physician, nurse practitioner, and/or physical therapist.

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What People Are Saying

Everyone should work with Ginger as a professional and as a patient

Katie Estridge, PT, MPT

I would recommend that everyone work with Ginger Garner. She is without a doubt the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. She understands the human body like no one I have ever met.

People who struggle with finding relief from traditional PT will find a solution in Ginger's approach

Dr. Sylvie Le, PT, DPT

The benefits of Medical Therapeutic Yoga have stretched beyond both the clinical setting and mat for my patients. Patients who may have struggled finding relief with traditional PT, battle the psychological and emotional stress of anxiety, depression, and impatience in dealing with injury and functional limitations, or find it challenging to remain motivated to move and take care of their bodies, have found a safe and healthy avenue through Ginger's method.

Feel better than I've felt in years, AND that's during the pandemic!

Dr. Michelle Walendowski PT, DPT

I’ve been practicing everything from your weekend Level I Certification on a (mostly) daily basis, and I have to say I feel healthier and just generally better than I have in years. And that’s during a worldwide pandemic!

Grounded, hopeful, pain free, rested, & resilient after Dr. Garner's classes

Dr. Dina Macs, PT, DPT

You are a trusted gem in a sea of on-line unknowns, Dr. Garner, and a gift to us all. Thank you for keeping us safe, evidence-grounded, & soulfully uplifted. I have not personally experienced a more nimble biopsychosocial rehabilitation guide.

I'm a better therapist AND mom thanks to Ginger.

Dr. Becca Ellis PT, DPT

Ginger's knowledge and experience have completely shaped my professional career, and her guidance has truly helped me be a better mom to my sweet boys.

Empowering for me and my patients

Dr. Sarah Talley, PT, DPT, WCS

Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) has transformed my clinical practice and my own self care. MTY provides a framework for treating patients holistically while empowering them to care for themselves.

A sustainable model for healthcare delivery

Kanchan Thakar, PT

Honestly speaking, words cannot do justice to the experience of learning from Ginger. My hope is that all DPT students will avail of her teachings sooner than later and begin to practice PT with enthusiasm and compassion. Thanks to Ginger for creating a sustainable model of healthcare delivery.

Ginger's program has restored my love of being a PT

Dr. Katie Goroncy, PT, DPT

Ginger's program has restored my love and perspective that physical therapy is a healing ART. I had been feeling uninspired, deflated by the obstacles in the healthcare/insurance system, and was losing sight of what drew me to the healthcare field in the first place. Her program gave me a solid evidence based framework from which to integrate "whole person", yogic, lifestyle medicine into my physical therapy foundation. It has since sparked joy, creativity, and a broader perspective into my clinical practice.

I highly recommend Ginger

Dr. Maureen Mason-Cover, PT, DPT

Ginger is a wise and compassionate health care provider who blends medical yoga with rehabilitation programming, and she has an extensive background of patient care service. Her style is forward thinking towards patient education, empowerment, and optimization of function, and she works with other health care team members to provide a healing community of care. I highly recommend her.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Series!


    3. Free Sneak Peek!

    1. #1 Yoga Couch Restoratives - On Your Back

    2. #2 Yoga Couch Restoratives - On Your Stomach and Side

    3. #3 Ganesha Restoratives - In Side Lying

    1. #1 Mid and Low Back

    2. #2 Neck and Face

    3. #3 Hip and Pelvic Floor

    1. #1 Calm Focus & Concentration

    2. #2 Building Healthy Tension: Critical Core Components

    3. #3 Putting It All Together

About this course

  • $124.99
  • 14 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Meet Your Instructor

Executive Director, Living Well Institute Dr. Ginger Garner

Dr. Garner, PT, DPT, ATC-Ret is a clinician, author, educator, and longtime advocate committed to improving access to physical therapy services. She is the CEO of Living Well Institute, which has trail blazed interdisciplinary training in Therapeutic Yoga and Lifestyle Medicine since 2000. She also owns Garner Pelvic Health, a private practice located in Greensboro, NC. Dr. Garner specializes in chronic pelvic pain including endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, prolapse, and incontinence, and also serves the performing arts and public speaking community with her unique "voice to pelvic floor" therapy, as well as post hip arthroscopy rehab. Dr. Garner is the author of multiple textbooks and book chapters and has presented at more than 2 dozen conferences worldwide about integrative physical therapy and health promotion across a range of topics impacting pelvic and orthopaedic health. She is an adjunct and guest lecturer for several DPT programs worldwide on topics related to advocacy, as well as endocrinology and pelvic health; and she also teaches for Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. She is an active member of APTA, serving as the Legislative Chair for APTA NC Chapter, a Key Congressional Contact for APTA Private Practice, and a member of the Prenatal & 4th Trimester Task Force for APTA Academy of Pelvic Health. She most recently launched her new podcast on advocacy, the Living Well Podcast. Ginger lives with her family in Greensboro, NC. Visit her at,, and on Instagram and YouTube @drgingergarner

Did You Know?

  • Continuing Education

    If you are a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance you may use these hours for your continuing education requirements. Dr. Garner is an ERYT500 & YACEP with Yoga Alliance.

  • Health Benefits

    Medical Therapeutic Yoga has been lauded by world renowned scientists, doctors, and therapists as a “thorough roadmap to understanding how yoga may be to used,” “a landmark volume which documents the continuity of yoga with our contemporary understanding of neuromuscular function,” and “a masterful exploration of the bio in the biopsychosocial model of healthcare while simultaneously embracing the psychosocial contributions of yoga philosophies.”

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    Did you know Dr. Garner has made the Basic MTY Video Library available at no cost to you, your clients, and students? Visit to sign up today!

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