Course Description & Objectives Overview

The literature cites physical inactivity as the biggest public health problem of the 21st century. Overwhelming evidence shows that regular physical activity demonstrates protective and anti-inflammatory effects for the mind and body. Beyond the obvious physical benefits it provides, physical activity is known to be a cornerstone in the primary prevention of at least 35 chronic conditions (Booth et al., 2012), such as musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain and osteoarthritis, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases, pulmonary conditions, neurological and neurodegenerative disease, some types of cancer, and mental health conditions such as depression, stress, and anxiety.

Exercise is medicine, and yet, the data shows that though therapists are capable and qualified, they are not necessarily comfortable or well equipped to counsel their patients on the American guidelines for physical activity. This course will prepare therapists to counsel, motivate, and help their patients and clients toward meeting the recommended American Guidelines for Physical Activity. All ages and conditions across the lifespan, from health populations to chronic conditions, will be covered in order to prepare the therapist to meet the 21st century needs of an increasingly inactive and chronically ill global population.

NOTE:  This 2 hour course is contained in the Integrative Lifestyle Medicine course. If you have purchased the ILM Certificate Course or the Level 3 Bundle, you do not need this version.

Clinical Objectives Overview:

  1. List the evidence-based guidelines for physical activity across the lifespan.
  2. Cite the evidence that links emotional status to physical activity. 
  3. Cite the evidence that links obesity to physical activity levels. 
  4. List standardized physical activity assessments. 
  5. Create exercise prescription in a case study format with all required components. 
  6. Discuss ways to foster sustainable physical activity in patient care. 
  7. Cite the evidence base which supports physical activity prescription for the following conditions: geriatrics, prenatal, postpartum, stroke, heart attack, obesity, cancer, and general debility.

Course curriculum

    1. Handout - Exercise Chapter 1

    2. Course Description & Objectives Overview

    3. Physical Activity

    4. Physical Activity Guidelines

    5. Physical Activity Types

    6. Obesity & Physical Activity

    7. Emotional Health

    8. Screening

    9. Exercise Prescription Case Study

    1. Handout - Exercise Chapter 2

    2. History of Physical Activity Guides

    3. Measuring Physical Activity

    4. Writing a Prescription

    5. Role Modeling

    6. Sustainable Physical Activity

    7. Biopsychosocial Benefits of Physical Activity

    8. Special Populations

    9. Physical Activity Post-Test

    1. Course Evaluation

About this course

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  • 2 hours of video content

Meet Your Instructor

Executive Director, Living Well Institute Dr. Ginger Garner

Dr. Ginger Garner PT, DPT, ATC/L is a therapist and educator. She founded Living Well Institute in 2001 to teach Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine in healthcare and is the creator of Medical Therapeutic Yoga. She also owns and operates Garner Pelvic Health. Dr. Garner is the author of multiple books, book chapters, and articles, and she has presented at over 20 conferences worldwide on the topics relating to integrative physical therapy. She is an active member of American Physical Therapy Association, volunteering in state and federal legislative capacities to improve access to physical therapy services. Ginger lives and works in Greensboro, NC and is a mom of four - three sons and the family rescue Labrador, Scout Finch.

What People Are Saying

Life changing course

Dr. Kassandra Schuhmann, PT, DPT

The impact Ginger's program has made on my life is staggering. It has changed my perspective as a clinician completely and has allowed me to look forward to treating even the most complex patients.

Empowering for me and my patients

Dr. Sarah Talley, PT, DPT, WCS

Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) has transformed my clinical practice and my own self care. MTY provides a framework for treating patients holistically while empowering them to care for themselves.

Feel better than I've felt in years, AND that's during the pandemic!

Dr. Michelle Walendowski PT, DPT

I’ve been practicing everything from your weekend Level I Certification on a (mostly) daily basis, and I have to say I feel healthier and just generally better than I have in years. And that’s during a worldwide pandemic!

I'm a better therapist AND mom thanks to Ginger.

Dr. Becca Ellis PT, DPT

Ginger's knowledge and experience have completely shaped my professional career, and her guidance has truly helped me be a better mom to my sweet boys.

Everyone should work with Ginger as a professional and as a patient

Katie Estridge, PT, MPT

I would recommend that everyone work with Ginger Garner. She is without a doubt the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. She understands the human body like no one I have ever met.

A sustainable model for healthcare delivery

Kanchan Thakar, PT

Honestly speaking, words cannot do justice to the experience of learning from Ginger. My hope is that all DPT students will avail of her teachings sooner than later and begin to practice PT with enthusiasm and compassion. Thanks to Ginger for creating a sustainable model of healthcare delivery.

Grounded, hopeful, pain free, rested, & resilient after Dr. Garner's classes

Dr. Dina Macs, PT, DPT

You are a trusted gem in a sea of on-line unknowns, Dr. Garner, and a gift to us all. Thank you for keeping us safe, evidence-grounded, & soulfully uplifted. I have not personally experienced a more nimble biopsychosocial rehabilitation guide.

Ginger's program has restored my love of being a PT

Dr. Katie Goroncy, PT, DPT

Ginger's program has restored my love and perspective that physical therapy is a healing ART. I had been feeling uninspired, deflated by the obstacles in the healthcare/insurance system, and was losing sight of what drew me to the healthcare field in the first place. Her program gave me a solid evidence based framework from which to integrate "whole person", yogic, lifestyle medicine into my physical therapy foundation. It has since sparked joy, creativity, and a broader perspective into my clinical practice.

I highly recommend Ginger

Dr. Maureen Mason-Cover, PT, DPT

Ginger is a wise and compassionate health care provider who blends medical yoga with rehabilitation programming, and she has an extensive background of patient care service. Her style is forward thinking towards patient education, empowerment, and optimization of function, and she works with other health care team members to provide a healing community of care. I highly recommend her.

Patients who struggle with finding relief from traditional PT will find a solution in Ginger's method

Dr. Sylvie Le, PT, DPT

The benefits of Medical Therapeutic Yoga have stretched beyond both the clinical setting and mat for my patients. Patients who may have struggled finding relief with traditional PT, battle the psychological and emotional stress of anxiety, depression, and impatience in dealing with injury and functional limitations, or find it challenging to remain motivated to move and take care of their bodies, have found a safe and healthy avenue through Ginger's method.

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    This course is 1 of 2 electives offered as a part of the Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Certificate. If you want to learn more, please take our FREE Introduction to Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Webinar, found on the main course page.

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    This course is approved for PT in California, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. We are an AOTA-approved provider. Individual courses are pending approval from AOTA. OT's.