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  • Saves you time and money. No yoga studio membership fees and no extra time commuting in the car! 
  • Minimizes risk of exposure to COVID-19
  • Maximizes your privacy in practice. Dr. Garner takes you through practices you may not feel comfortable doing in front of a studio "audience" or large class of people. 
  • Gets to the heart of what yoga was meant to be - a solitary practice that transforms you from the inside out, rather than the outside in. Yoga was never meant to be a "studio class" pursuit, with fancy equipment, expensive clothing, and pressure to perform. 
  • Allows you the privacy and convenience to practice in your home. No expensive yoga clothes or toys required. Dr. Garner shows you how to do yoga, manage stress, AND get fit through integrative PT & MTY, like a minimalist champion. Get to the heart of combining yoga + physical therapy together, which makes your workouts a practice in fitness, stress management, resilience, gut health, immune bolstering, and mindfulness, all wrapped into one! 
  • As a self-employed mother of 3, Ginger knows what it takes to get and stay fit, healthy, and well in an efficient, time-saving way. 
  • Learn how to spot red flags for injury and practice yoga in a safer and more effective way with doctor of physical therapy, licensed athletic trainer, Pilates therapist, and Professional Yoga Therapist, Dr. Ginger Garner, PT, DPT, ATC/L. 

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Class Series

    • Soulful Sunday Session 1

    • Soulful Sunday Session 2

    • Soulful Sunday Session 3

    • Soulful Sunday Session 4

    • Soulful Sunday Session 5

    • Soulful Sunday Session 6

  • 3

    Bonus Content! Two COVID-19 Practices



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    Next Steps

    • A message from Ginger, More Resources, & CE for Yoga Professionals

    • Before you go...

What People Are Saying

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this Soulful Sunday Series!


Ginger, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a nourishing practice!  Sending you much love!

The practice was great and your singing of Amazing Grace was awesome. 

Penny Fleming, PT

Thank you so much Ginger! Your teaching and singing really gives me a lift. May you be richly blessed for sharing this with all of us.

Thank you so much for today it helped me during this difficult time (COVID). 

Suzan Sander

I had people sending videos of them singing along with me during practice. I am full of joy! I loved your class today. About a year ago I was looking on Youtube for Sun Salutation videos and came across a woman (you!) who does her Sun Salutation to the Lord's Prayer. I loved it and today I was so happy to be part of a group. Thank you too for singing Amazing Grace, You have a lovely voice and through tears, I sang along. There are two songs I can not hear without crying and Amazing Grace is one of them. The other is the song I danced with my son at his wedding.

The practice helped me relax my mindset and move more freely in the standing postures. 

Gracie, PTA

I noticed immediate stress relief, as well as a loosening of the habit of tensing up in the posture due to rigid expectations I’ve had of myself in past standing pose practices.  I also sang more than usual later in the day while I was doing yard work, which is something I have wanted to start doing!  Also, I’ve progressed in my ability to acknowledge and allow myself to hold awareness and a more full experience of painful feelings and behavior patterns while still approaching myself with love and acceptance. I would absolutely love to participate in more practices with you.  

Absolutely beautiful class (Soulful Sunday) Ginger!

Katie Estridge, PT

Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. I can hear God through your voice. 🙏🏼❤️

Grounded, hopeful, pain free, rested, & resilient after Dr. Garner's classes

Dr. Dina Macs, PT, DPT

You are a trusted gem in a sea of on-line unknowns, Dr. Garner, and a gift to us all. Thank you for keeping us safe, evidence-grounded, & soulfully uplifted. I have not personally experienced a more nimble biopsychosocial rehabilitation guide.

Meet Your Instructor

Executive Director, Living Well Institute

Dr. Ginger Garner

Ginger is the CEO & founder of Living Well Institute, an interdisciplinary educational organization dedicated to teaching trauma-informed Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine. She has spent 25 years using yoga-based physical therapy to tackle chronic pain and orthopedic conditions in practice. Her private practice, EudeMOMia® Integrative PT & Lifestyle Medicine in Greensboro, NC, offers in-person and telehealth women's health services. Ginger is a doctor of PT (MPT, DPT), athletic trainer (ATC/L), board certified in Lifestyle Medicine (DipACLM), and creator of the Professional Yoga Therapist and Integrative Lifestyle Medicine certifications. Dr. Garner is the author of Medical Therapeutic Yoga, slated for translation in 4 foreign languages and currently published in Italian and English. Ginger is committed to making healthcare accessible, affordable, and equitable through teaching safe yoga & lifestyle medicine practices, especially for women's health. She is an international speaker and educator, having presented at more than 20 conferences worldwide. Ginger spends her spare time performing around the world (well, pre-COVID anyhow) as a vocalist, reading, and being an avid beginner violinist. She lives with her husband, 3 sons, and their rescue Lab, Scout, in Greensboro, NC, USA.

Did You Know?

  • Continuing Education

    If you are a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance you may use these hours for your continuing education requirements. Dr. Garner is an ERYT500 & YACEP with Yoga Alliance.

  • Health Benefits

    Medical Therapeutic Yoga has been lauded by world renowned scientists, doctors, and therapists as a “thorough roadmap to understanding how yoga may be to used,” “a landmark volume which documents the continuity of yoga with our contemporary understanding of neuromuscular function,” and “a masterful exploration of the bio in the biopsychosocial model of healthcare while simultaneously embracing the psychosocial contributions of yoga philosophies.”

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    Did you know Dr. Garner has made the Basic MTY Video Library available at no cost to you, your clients, and students? Visit to sign up today!

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